Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Puzzle of Life: Poetry Challenge

Life is an intricate puzzle we spend our lives putting together.  Each moment, each experience, each memory is a new piece to the puzzle that we must place to get the true meaning of our lives.  This week on Random Madness I am issuing a challenge to all the poets in the world.  Think of your life as a puzzle and use this idea to write an original poem of how you feel your pieces all fit together.  I have pre-issued this challenge to some talented poets I know, and if you would like to use their poems as inspiration to write your own, visit the following links below:

I'm looking forward to reading some wonderful poetry so if you want to participate in this challenge send me the link to your poem at Foreverpoetry@Yahoo.com.  I will leave comments on all my favorites and share your work with my poetic circle of friends.