Friday, November 16, 2012

Food Cravings Poetry Challenge

I can't tell you the amount of times I've had a food craving.  Whether it's chocolate cake or a T-Bone steak, sometimes the mouth has to have what the mouth wants, and when your craving is satisfied, God it's so good.  Maybe, that's why people will go out of their way to satisfy that crave.  Look at the movie "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle".  Sure it's just a movie, but we all have our real life stories of what we did to get the food we craved. 

Food cravings is what this week's poetry challenge is all about.  I want you all to tell a story about what you did to have your craving satisfied.  You can also write about how those foods you just have to have, truly make you feel.  What is your craving?  Is it sinfully decadent chocolate?  Is it that first cup of coffee in the morning that you were dreaming of the night before.  Let your craving inspire you poetically, and show me what you come up with. 

Guidelines for Challenge
  • Write an original poem about your food craving on what ever site you choose.
  • Send me the link to your poem to, so I can post it in this challenge.
  • Help spread the word about this challenge to everyone you know.
  • Visit back frequently to read all the poems people share.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Closer Look At Martin Kloess

What would you do if an unknown illness attacked your body, and slowly started shutting it down?  It's hard to imagine an unpleasant situation like this, but for one man this nightmare is a reality.  Martin Kloess is a poet I have gotten to know over the months, and his story has inspired me to do more with my life, because we are never guaranteed time to accomplish the things we really want.

Martin Kloess lived an amazing life.  At 16 years old he met the first love of his life Arlene, who gave him many wonderful years of wedded bliss until she passed away in 2003.  While Arlene was a great loss for Martin, he was blessed to meet another great woman named Amor, who he is still happily married to.  He set out to become a music teacher, getting his BA degree at San Francisco state College, but wound up working for an oil company in a job where he was allowed to use his creativity freely.  He has devoted himself to helping others, achieving the level of 33rd degree mason for his work with youth organizations, and he has published a book  called "Well That Was That" which is a compilation of humorous limericks all about relationships. 

Despite all these great accomplishments, the thing that impresses me most about Martin Kloess, is the fact that he handles his disability with the kind of strength few people possess.  Originally misdiagnosed with Wernicke's Syndrome, Martin had to endure painful medical treatment in the hospital.  Later, it was discovered that he had something in his blood that attacks the neurons in his body.  The doctors wanted to readmit him to the hospital to do further studies, but by this time Martin had lost all confidence in them.  It isn't known what is attacking Martin's body, but what is known is that it has taken away his ability to walk, talk, and think.  He is unable to function on his own, and is currently being cared for by his wife Amor.

Martin's only way to communicate to the world is through his poetry.  His poetry contains valuable lessons about life and love, and is filled with the experiences of a man who has lived an extraordinary life.  If you would like to get to know Martin through his poetry, please visit the links below:

Martin Kloess on HubPages

Martin Kloess on Triond

Friday, November 2, 2012

Johnny Boy's Love For The Jersey Shore

Johnny Boy just turned 18
He loved his home
Jersey Shore proud

So when disaster struck
He stood his ground
No Sandy's allowed 

Johnny Boy wasn't alone
His friends and neighbors vowed
To protect their homes
With their lives

But there was nothing they could do
When the waves came crashing through
Home was destroyed
Right before their eyes 

Johnny Boy was only 18
But he loved his neighbors
So he put them before himself

He searched for food
And lent his hands to save the day
Not once thinking of his health

When food was passed around
Johnny Boy ate last
He didn't even eat at all

When the children were scared
Johnny Boy was there
He did his best to be strong
And stand tall 

Johnny Boy was 18
And little did he know
18 was as old as he would be

As he tried to save a friend
A house came crashing down
Burying him in falling debris

Johnny Boy gave his life
His only wish
To have done a little more

Johnny Boy gave his life
The ultimate sacrifice
All for his love of
The Jersey Shore. 

This poem was written for the Hurricane Sandy Poetry Challenge.  This challenge is meant to create uplifting poetry for the survivors of Hurricane Sandy, and to help raise money for the charities giving relief to those survivors.  Johnny Boy is a fictional character, but his story is meant to say, one person can't do it all.  Let's all work together to help overcome this disaster.  Please make a donation to any of the following charities.

Red Cross

Salvation Army


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Poetry Challenge

I bring this poetry challenge to you, as a much humbled poet.  There were many times when I heard about the destructive forces of a hurricane, but having witnessed the power of Hurricane Sandy, the only thing I can say is, I pray no one else has to know such devastation.  People have lost their lives, people are trying to survive without running water and electricity, and people are working their hands to the bone to return things back to normal. 

This poetry challenge will be very near and dear to my heart, because I was one of the fortunate survivors who walked away from this natural disaster unharmed.  There are however, millions of people who can't say the same thing, and these people will serve as the inspiration for this challenge.  This week, I would like my fellow poets to write an original poem inspired by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  I would like poetry about first hand experiences with the storm and poetry meant to lift the spirits of the victims.  It is my hope that when life returns back to normal that the survivors of this storm will look upon this poetry and find encouragement to keep rebuilding what they lost. 

Guidelines For The Challenge

  • Write an original poem on any site you choose inspired by Hurricane Sandy.
  • Send the links to these poems to me at
  • In one weeks time I will write a follow-up to this challenge with the links to each person who has written poetry to this challenge.  I will continue to post links, so long as people keep sending them to me.
  • Please post the link to any of the following charity sites in your poetry contributions, and encourage people to make a donation to them so we can use our poetry to do some good for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  

Click here to make a donation to the Red Cross

Click here to make a donation to the Salvation Army

Click here to make a donation to AmeriCares

These charities are currently offering support to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, please share these links in your poetry for this challenge, and please make a donation to help the cause.  Help spread the word about this poetry challenge so we can get maximum participation, and raise as much as we can to help the victims of this natural disaster.