Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Closer Look At Martin Kloess

What would you do if an unknown illness attacked your body, and slowly started shutting it down?  It's hard to imagine an unpleasant situation like this, but for one man this nightmare is a reality.  Martin Kloess is a poet I have gotten to know over the months, and his story has inspired me to do more with my life, because we are never guaranteed time to accomplish the things we really want.

Martin Kloess lived an amazing life.  At 16 years old he met the first love of his life Arlene, who gave him many wonderful years of wedded bliss until she passed away in 2003.  While Arlene was a great loss for Martin, he was blessed to meet another great woman named Amor, who he is still happily married to.  He set out to become a music teacher, getting his BA degree at San Francisco state College, but wound up working for an oil company in a job where he was allowed to use his creativity freely.  He has devoted himself to helping others, achieving the level of 33rd degree mason for his work with youth organizations, and he has published a book  called "Well That Was That" which is a compilation of humorous limericks all about relationships. 

Despite all these great accomplishments, the thing that impresses me most about Martin Kloess, is the fact that he handles his disability with the kind of strength few people possess.  Originally misdiagnosed with Wernicke's Syndrome, Martin had to endure painful medical treatment in the hospital.  Later, it was discovered that he had something in his blood that attacks the neurons in his body.  The doctors wanted to readmit him to the hospital to do further studies, but by this time Martin had lost all confidence in them.  It isn't known what is attacking Martin's body, but what is known is that it has taken away his ability to walk, talk, and think.  He is unable to function on his own, and is currently being cared for by his wife Amor.

Martin's only way to communicate to the world is through his poetry.  His poetry contains valuable lessons about life and love, and is filled with the experiences of a man who has lived an extraordinary life.  If you would like to get to know Martin through his poetry, please visit the links below:

Martin Kloess on HubPages

Martin Kloess on Triond

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