Friday, November 2, 2012

Johnny Boy's Love For The Jersey Shore

Johnny Boy just turned 18
He loved his home
Jersey Shore proud

So when disaster struck
He stood his ground
No Sandy's allowed 

Johnny Boy wasn't alone
His friends and neighbors vowed
To protect their homes
With their lives

But there was nothing they could do
When the waves came crashing through
Home was destroyed
Right before their eyes 

Johnny Boy was only 18
But he loved his neighbors
So he put them before himself

He searched for food
And lent his hands to save the day
Not once thinking of his health

When food was passed around
Johnny Boy ate last
He didn't even eat at all

When the children were scared
Johnny Boy was there
He did his best to be strong
And stand tall 

Johnny Boy was 18
And little did he know
18 was as old as he would be

As he tried to save a friend
A house came crashing down
Burying him in falling debris

Johnny Boy gave his life
His only wish
To have done a little more

Johnny Boy gave his life
The ultimate sacrifice
All for his love of
The Jersey Shore. 

This poem was written for the Hurricane Sandy Poetry Challenge.  This challenge is meant to create uplifting poetry for the survivors of Hurricane Sandy, and to help raise money for the charities giving relief to those survivors.  Johnny Boy is a fictional character, but his story is meant to say, one person can't do it all.  Let's all work together to help overcome this disaster.  Please make a donation to any of the following charities.

Red Cross

Salvation Army


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