Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Acrostic of Self Discovery Poetry Challenge

If you had to describe who you are in three words, what would those words be?  Part of a poet's journey in life is self discovery.  A poet must experience life and understand what it means to him, before he can write great poetry.  If you've never spent the day at the beach, how can you describe how the ocean waves crashing against the shore make you feel.  If you've never been in love, then how can you convey this powerful emotion through words.  Poetry is a reflection of a poets inner voice and until he discovers his voice, his writing is nothing more than some clever words on a page.

The Acrostic of Self Discovery is my newest challenge to all you poets of the world.  I want you to spend a good deal of time thinking of who you are, and after you have thought about it enough, I want you to think of three words that best describe you.  Use these words to write an acrostic poem that tell how they describe you and how they fit together to make the person that is you.  I challenged some of my poetic friends earlier last week to do this and I received an outstanding contribution from Beth37 which is a great example of what I'm looking for.  Read it below:

Acrostic of Self Discovery
by Beth37

"First off you should know I love to laugh.
Under almost every circumstance, this is what I love to do most.
Nothing describes me better than laughter.

Save for faith.
It is God Who means more to me than anyone or anything else.
Nothing above, on or below the Earth could have more importance.
Careful not to give the impression that I am above anyone.
Every day is a day, I pray He makes me who He wants me to be.
Redundant of no one, as He does with each of His creation, He makes me special.
Equal to no one. No better or worse, but loved deeply.

Peace maker. I desire to makes things smooth and comfortable for all.
A pleaser. A weakness I think, but a blessing to those around me.
Sleep deprived.
Scrabble addict.
I have a little issue with desire... it's more under control then it used to be.
Overworked. Could use some help.
Nocturnal. Like to stay up late.
Attitude is positive.
Timely. Don't like to be late.
Eternal... I believe we're all everlasting."

If you would like to participate in this challenge, please email me the link to your poem at Foreverpoetry@yahoo.com...  I will comment on each contribution and share your work with my poetic circle of friends.  I hope you will find this challenge fun and educational.

The list below contains the links to all the poems submitted for this challenge.  If you don't see your poem listed be sure to email me at the address above.

How To Keep My Personality In Balance by Janshares


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