Sunday, October 14, 2012

The World of Undiscovered Poets: Black Phoenix

In this world of Random Madness we are always being reborn.  Trials and tribulations shape and mold us until our final moments when our spirit transcends the physical realm.  This constant cycle of rebirth is much like the story of the legendary Phoenix, a bird of fire that bursts into flames at the end of its life and is reborn from its ashes.  How many hardships have you faced?  After experiencing them, did you feel like the same person you were before?  My guess would be no, because every time we are thrown into the fire it's impossible to come back the same.

In the world of poetry, hardship is a poets eternal companion and best friend.  Through hardship a poet learns how to harness the power of emotions and spin out words of gold.  Poets are the masters of evoking emotion in people, and the best poets have inspired nations.  The poet I have chosen to feature this week has allowed hardship to fuel his pen, and through his pen he has spun the following words:

I Am Still Here
by Black Phoenix

These cold streets have made me weak
But I've pressed on like Harriet,
Leading slaves to freedom in the night.
Searching for my own inner success
Letting the stars be my guide and hope my light.

My road is tarnished.
I've seen more failures in my days,
Is it that the choices I make are not safe, nor sound?
It is hard to pick ones soul up,
When your face is consistently,
Facing a cold, hard, and dirty ground.

I have to keep climbing
I have always heard that Paradise is surrounded by difficulty,
Whilst the hellfire is surrounded by ease.
If this is true than I'm Paradise bound
Because my life has only been filled with difficulties.

It's a hard knock life
You see, my life ain't been no crystal staircase
And I know you've heard that story before.
But you have never heard a story like mines
This shall be the first time that I've really opened that door.

My secrets out.
I never knew what manhood was.
I was raised by a woman who did the best to ease my pain.
My tattered existence only needed love,
But its hard to give that which you never learned or gained.

No love lost.
I traverse terrains where only morbid souls could survive,
And lived through broken promises of love that never lies.
Cursed by infatuated thoughts of hope that would never cry,
What is left is a heart that will no longer die.

Love never loved me.
I know I'm not winning the race for success
But my dreams are still determined like its some type of challenge, a dare.
So I rise and fall, I get up, and fall again
And no matter what turmoil I face I won't give in, I am still here.

Black Phoenix is a Philadelphia native who has been writing since the age of 7 years old.  He learned he had a gift for words in second grade when his teacher read some of his work.  Since that time, whenever he was faced with hardship he just picked up a pen and wrote until his heart no longer felt discontent.  His writing style has been influenced by poets such as Pablo Neruda, and another Philadelphian by the name of Edgar Allen Poe.  With the influence of these two famous poets and his own internal struggles, Black Phoenix has won many poetry accolades.  He has dedicated his time to a working with a children's poetry group, and is currently working on a collection of poetry on CD.  If you would like to find out more about Black Phoenix you can see more of his work on Word Press at:

Black Phoenix will also be a guest host on Random Madness this Monday, October 15,2012 at 6pm-6:30pm on Blog Talk Radio.  If you would like to see this undiscovered poet do his thing than click the link below:


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