Monday, October 15, 2012

Recap of Open-Mic Show 10/15/2012

This weeks Random Madness open-mic was phenomenal.  Featuring guest host Black Phoenix from the Lyrical Assassin's Brotherhood, the show ventured into some good old memories when poetry was a big deal on MySpace.  We had a stimulating performance from co-hostess Ryem, and we had some poets do their thing on the mic.  All in all it was a great show, and I'll recap some of the highlights.

Black Phoenix kicked off the show with an untitled piece and afterwards he gave us some insight on where his poetic inspiration comes from.  Ryem gave us a spicy number called "When I Dance" which is a must hear for all you erotic poetry enthusiast out there.  After Ryem did her thing, we took a trip back into time listening to an old track by Maiyah The Lady of Rage and G-Roc General, from the blood money poets.  Black Phoenix gave us a bit of a history lesson on the origins of Lyrical Assassins, and then we turned it over to Robby Baby Poet D'Amour who provided us with a bit of dark poetry.  Wing Dog helped spread the awareness of domestic violence month with an amazing social piece, and then we had Black Phoenix close out the show.

If you weren't there to catch it live, then you need to listen to the archive, because this was an awesome show packed full of poetic madness.  Amazing poetry was heard all across the board, and you will definitely crave more after hearing this show.  Catch the show on the widget below, and I hope you enjoy.

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