Saturday, October 20, 2012

Poetry Challenge: Three Wish Haiku

We all know the story of the genie in the magic lamp.  If you ever come across a magic lamp and you rub it, a genie will appear to grant you three wishes.  What would you wish for if you could have anything you wanted?  The possibilities are endless, which is why I think this theme will make an awesome poetry challenge.

It wouldn't be a good poetry challenge if I didn't test your poetic abilities once in a while, so for this challenge the rules are simple.  Write three Haiku or Senryu describning what you would wish for if a genie came to grant you your wishes.  The trick to this, is if you don't phrase your words in the right way, the genie might grant you the wrong wish.  Let's see how good you all are at asking for what you want with so few words. 

If you need to know what a Haiku or Senryu is, you can visit the following links which will describe them in detail:

What's a Senryu?

What's a Haiku?

Post your three wishes in the comment section of the blog.  I am interested in seeing how accurate you can be using this short form of poetry.  Cool points go to whoever comes on the Random Madness open-mic show, and faces the genie live. Show time is every Monday 6pm-6:30pm EST.  The link to the show is below:

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