Sunday, October 21, 2012

The World of Undiscovered Poets: Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour

Many of us go through life letting those special moments pass us by.  Whether it's the song we hear from the first bird to return after a long cold Winter, or a world renowned violinists putting on a free concert in a busy subway station, somehow we've managed to make ourselves so busy we just don't notice these things when they happen.  On rare occasions when we do open our eyes, we are so taken with the moment that the memory can last us a lifetime.  These precious little grains of time are permanently ingrained in our minds, and when we are at our most desperate hour, we can use them to bring us out of the darkness.

A poet's most important job in life is to notice these precious moments.  It's his job to make a record of it with his pen so that when others read his poetry, they are reminded to take a break from their busy day and enjoy the beauty of the world that is around them.  This week I would like to introduce you to a poet who is so gifted at capturing these moments, reading his poetry is like finding yourself witnessing them first hand.  Please allow me to introduce Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour.

Tell Me You Love Me
by Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour

Tell me you love me...
but say it not with words,
tell me that you love me with soft and caring hands,
hands that touch me with deepest warmth,
as our bodies lay in bed together,
side by side.

Tell me that you love me with the shimmer of tear stained eyes,
eyes pooled with tears of joy for the feeling of it,
feeling the presence of me with you,
in time of joy and trials of woe.

Tell me that you love me with arms that embrace me with care,
wrapped in mutual embrace,
as whetted lips,
their trembling shows me just how much they care.

Remember that the loudest declarations of love,
they are pronounced in the subtlest of fashions,
love compassion fashioned as the soft sentences of sighs that say goodbye to pain,
as we let ourselves embrace each other in loves fulfilling rains.

Do you recall the time that you felt love across the distance,
as you heard a birdsong sing of love to you,
a song that felt so close from far away?
That was my song,
my declaration without words of how I feel,
the steeled resolve to tell you how I love you without words,
words of love sung by lullaby birds.

Whisper it to me,
as you hush me with your souls lullaby songs,
amend every wrong that has come upon me with your lips lullaby lilts,
as you tell you that you love me with a subtle but most profound kiss.

I shall hope that all this and more is present in your souls chalice,
when I look down upon you,
stare into your joyfully tear stained eyes,
I place my forefinger upon trembling lip,
and I whisper
Tell me that you love me
...without saying a word...

Copyright © 2012 Robert Matejko

Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour began writing poetry as a way to console his aunt, after the death of his uncle.  From that moment on, Robby knew he was passionate about poetry.  Robby's poetic style is a unique blend of dark and romantic elements that combine to paint a picture of a man with an interesting perspective on the world.  Robby is also a "performance poet", capable of expressing the mood of his poetry in such a way that an audience hangs on every word, rapt with attention.  His poetic influences come from the 17th century and the poets from that era, such as William Wordsworth.  Robby himself, is trying to make a name in the poetry world.  He is currently working on a collaborative project which could wind up in the Guggenheim by 2013, and is putting together a book to be released in the same year.  Robby is currently residing in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a small city filled with natural beauty, that is home to a very cultural community, especially in music.  If you would like to learn more about Robby Baby Dark Poet of Amour, you can visit his work at the following links:

Robby will be a special guest host on Random Madness this Monday at 6pm-6:30pm EST.  You can listen in and participate in the live chat room by visiting the link below:

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