Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welcome to Random Madness Poetry

Attention all poets! Are you tired of posting your poetry on different poetry sites and not getting any love for your hard work.  Well, it is Random Madness Poetry's mission to put as many unknown poets in the spotlight as humanly possible.  Random Madness Poetry is using the combined power of written and spoken word poetry to change the way the world thinks about poetry.  We also want to make it  possible for unknown poets to make a name for themselves in an ever growing online poetry world.  Random Madness Poetry hopes to accomplish these lofty goals by creating forums on the internet where poetic enthusiasts can gather and share their poetry with the world.

Random Madness Poetry has created an online open-mic poetry show where spoken word artists can verbally express themselves, called Random Madness.  The shows hosts are Forever Poetry and Ryem two experienced poets with hundreds of poems written.  They encourage all poets to be brave and give their poetry a voice.  Showtime is every Monday 6 pm-6:30 pm on Blog Talk Radio.

Random Madness will also create poetry challenges to give poets new ideas to expand themselves creatively.  Poetry challenges will be posted here, and all poets who participate are encouraged to tune in to the open-mic show and share their work.

Lastly Random Madness Poetry will feature an unknown poet every week.  Each poet featured will have the chance to be interviewed in an article and be a guest host on the open-mic poetry show.  Any poet who wishes to be featured need only submit an original poem they would like featured in the Random Madness Poetry blog to

Random Madness Poetry welcomes you to this new an exciting poetry forum, and we hope all who follow us will share any ideas or suggestions to help make this blog the best poetry blog online.  Any way we can help spread poetry to the masses we will do, and we hope you will be a part of this new movement.

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